Mobile Money Payment Proceedure

Insurace Awards

Provident is pleased to introduce another innovation to help your smooth operations with us.

We have introduced a Mobile Money Platform that gives you options/varieties in payment of business with Provident. We shall include other payment modes such as Visa, Master Cards etc.

Please enjoy this new relationship with Provident.


You can now make all your premium payments via mobile money (All Networks);

  1. You must be a Mobile Money account holder (All Networks).
  2. Dial *713*4039# on your phone and follow
  3. Confirm Payment Amount.
  4. Enter your mobile money pin to authorize payment.
  1. Amount: Amount due for premium payment.
  2. Reference: This is what would be used to identify you and your business with Provident.


  • I.Name of policy holder and vehicle number
  • II.Policy Number (If Known)

The reference can take any length of character.